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Women Empowered Together


Are you ready to take your life to the next level so you can live your life with passion and follow your soul's purpose while being supported by an outstanding group of spiritually aware women? 


You've come to the right place. Women Empowered Together has all of that and so much more.

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Women Empowered Together Membership is opening in November 2021 where you will have access to everything you need to live your life with passion and follow your soul's purpose. Sign up today to get empowering emails and notification of the membership launch.

There are four pillars that are addressed to be able to live your life with passion and follow your soul's purpose.

These include Fascination, Expression, Foundation and Discovery.
See below for more detail.

Fascination (with Life)

There are no quick fixes in life (well, maybe a haircut is a quick fix), but if we want lifelong changes, we have to put in the work. You are worth putting in the work for. So are your ancestors and your children. When we change, our perception of the world changes.

Expression (of the physical)

Without our physical body, we wouldn't be here so we need to look after it. That can be difficult but every little step helps.

Looking after our bodies could mean everything from accepting what we think of our looks, what we eat and drink to ridding ourselves of the energetic blockages that prevent us from moving forward in life.

Foundation (of emotions)

Through the Circle of Security Parenting program, you will learn exactly what emotional support looks like. It is the most important factor in loving yourself and living your best life ever.

Discovery (of self)

Astrology is the final piece of the puzzle to achieve happiness and confidence. When you know and understand the blueprint you came in with, its easier to more accepting and loving of yourself (and others). It is so helpful to know your hidden aspects, primary motivation, greatest fear and so much more.


Are you ready to do something different??

One on one help to live your life with passion and follow your soul's purpose. Includes 16 weeks of face to face training with course creator, Regena Bergen. Includes lifetime membership to Women Empowered Together.

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